Super Villain in Yourself

What super villain most defines you? Explain.

Marvel versus DC

Marvel vs DC, which do you prefer?

Favorite Video Game

What is your favorite video game?

What makes this game awesome?

Cat versus Dog

Are you a cat or a dog type of person? What makes you say this?

Anime or Manga

Do you prefer anime or manga more?

What in your opinion makes it better than the other choice?

Keep it Going

Task: Keep the story going: One time long ago....

(Rules: no more than four sentences for each user per turn. Try to leave it on a ‘to be continued’ area)

New Show

What are some cool ideas for a new show that could tie in with another currently running show?


In your opinion what is the best superpower?

Yours Forever

If you could choose one character to be yours forever who would it be? Why?

Favorite Cartoon

What is your favorite cartoon that is currently showing?

Discontinued Cartoon

What is your favorite cartoon that got discontinued?

Worst Superhero

If you had the ability to delete one superhero, who would you delete from existence and why?

Worst Princess

What princess or prince is the worst?

What makes them so bad?


What is a show or game that is underrated? 


Most Hated Character

What is a character you despise with all your heart?

What have they done to makes you feel this way?


Are princesses overrated? Why?

Changing a Princess

What princess movie needs to be changed?

How would you change it?


If you could be any princess who would you be?



Who is your favorite villain?

What makes this character remarkable to you?  

Favorite Superhero

Who is your favorite superhero?


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